Small in size but big at benefits. This colorful, fleshy, super food always attracts me whenever I am strolling in the busy streets of Germany. Not only are berries delicious and convenient to eat, their antioxidant qualities make them the essential component in the diet of anyone who wants to be healthy.

All fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, but berries have something extra to offer. The antioxidants contained within these berries are known to help cells across the body to fight cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It also helps your body fight stress that can lead to illness. Vitamin C is another strong antioxidant found in berries. Eating vitamin C–rich berries adds to the radiant skin and healthy hair, and may reduce the risk of arthritis and cataracts.

In addition to antioxidants, berries are fibrous juicy foods, which mean they contain mostly water (up to 85%). Juicy foods are great for losing weight because they fill you up quickly and drive down the calories. Fiber aids in weight loss and helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Frozen (unsweetened) berries are a good substitute during off seasons, but if you are a berry freak just like me try going on a berry picking spree. There are many berry farms where you can spend a day picking berries right from the bush, eating it there or taking home as much as you like. The best time to go berry picking is July to August. For more information refer to

Eat them fresh or juice them all! Do whatever it takes to utilize this fat-free, low in sodium and nearly calorie-free gift of mother nature.

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