The Wine Story

One of my very favourite wine.
One of my very favourite wine.

Just like any other wine beginner I too was lacking clarity of thought when I decided to open my first bottle of wine. Believing it to be just a grape juice I felt kooky when people suggested that some of them also tastes like tobacco.

Finally got settled with logic that everyone has to start somewhere and the only way to learn about wine is by drinking it. Knowing very little about wines I went with the bar tenders decision and tried Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

The first experience was amazing; I got some interesting information about the wine, grape and the region.

A little bit of wine knowledge is good when it comes to trying different wines. It could be anything starting from serving temperatures, taste, body, aroma or sweetness.

Wine is best enjoyed in the company of others but for little peace loving people like me surroundings are also very important. I generally prefer finding quite places free of any kind of smell as I can concentrate better and get a clear sense of wine aromas. Sitting by a calm river or watching a sunset is what I like to do while I am enjoying my lovely!

Over the last few years I have tasted many wines in different countries. They all have different taste notes ranging from berries to bell peppers, black currants to green apples. But what I have learnt from this ongoing wine journey is, to drink wines I like and keep trying the new once.

Some people find the massive wine world complicated but for me it’s all about enjoyment.


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