Pastry Wrapped Prawns with Sweet Chili Sauce



For Fried Prawns:

20 Prawns (clean, deveined & tails intact)
20 Pastry sheets (9 x 9 cm)
4T. Lime juice
2T. Soy sauce
1 egg (whisked)
Oil (for frying)

For Sweet Chili Sauce:

½ C. Vinegar
½ C. White sugar
¼ C. Water
3T. Fish sauce
1 Thai red chili (chopped)
1T. Dried red chili (crushed)
1 ½ T Corn flour, dissolved in 20 ml cold water.
3 Garlic cloves (minced)


Mix the lime juice and soy sauce and leave the prawns to marinate in mixture for 1 hour.

Once marinated, discard the marinating fluid and place each prawn on an individual pastry sheet. Brush the edges of pastry sheet with egg, and then wrap pastry around prawn leaving the tail to stick out. Brush egg over the pastry as well.

Deep fry the prawns until golden brown. Leave to dry on kitchen roll, and then serve with sweet chili sauce.

To prepare sweet chili sauce, boil all the ingredients except corn flour – water mixture in a pan. Continue boiling until the mixture is reduced to half. Add the corn flour water mixture and stir.

Remove from heat, taste; add more sugar or chili if required.

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