Keeping your travel memories alive!

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Imagine you just arrived in a new town. All excited to explore and discover. You will have fun for sure, but it’s only half of it. The other half is in looking back at all those fond memories you created while you were there, years ago. How will you store all those memories for your entire life, in a functional way?

Collecting souvenirs is actually a lot of fun. It not only takes you back in the memory lane but also reminds you how lively and wonderful the trip was. Not to mention that the once with a practical use can be a part of your daily life.

The first few things I started to collect on my trips were coffee mugs.
However my brother from another mother believes in collecting artifacts and shot glasses.
(Ron, are you happy now?) 😉

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For a coffee lover like me, buying a coffee mug as a souvenir is a complete win-win because while I am enjoying my coffee or cocoa, I am already thinking about the good time I had in Vienna, Australia, Singapore or wherever.

Souvenirs could be for free, cheap or a bit expensive but in the end what you collect after few years of traveling becomes a priceless gift to yourself. Other than mugs I also pickup fridge magnets and recently I started to collect local recipe books.

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When we travel we collect countries, destinations, stories and experiences rather than things to take home, but a small souvenir from everywhere will remind you of special moments and also will hold evidence of those special moments for the rest of your life.

So next time you travel, find a souvenir that fits your lifestyle and preserve the fond memories of your trip for years to come in the memory box of your mind.

Feel free to share with me what other souvenirs do you collect?

6 thoughts on “Keeping your travel memories alive!”

  1. I always collect postcards, because it’s easy to take back with me. I used to collect bracelets too, until there was no room left on my wrists. My mom collects things to hang up in the christmas tree, so every December, we’re reminded of the wonderful trips we made.

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    1. Wow…thats like a lot of stuff. I also collect printos but not specifically postcards, anything which i could get framed and hang on the wall. I dream to have a house one day filled with all of my travel collectibles. Have to collect a lot still.
      Thanks for sharing it with me. Stay connected.

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  2. I just loved your post…so I can let you know that I collect anything….a little time ago I was thinking about create something to place my souvenirs and expose @home !! Now I will think more about it ! 🙂

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  3. My husband and I always get a pack of playing cards when we travel. Almost every place has cards for sale with the name of the place on the back, and they can be fun to play with while on the road. As a bonus they are easy to pack with no fear of breakage, and they’re easy to store and fun to use at home.

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  4. Your suggestion sounds good, but I whenever I travel I always end up not liking the idea of taking something back and then having it take up room and collect dust. However, I do record the moments in my mind even though someday who knows if I’ll remember any of it, but at the moment, I am having a wonderful time! Thanks for stopping by to like my Sunday Start.

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